Here, provide some useful external links that focus more on mobile gaming – particularly useful for developers or anybody with an interesting in the technical side of the mobile gaming, app, and online casino sectors.

Apple’s main developer section, offering a variety of resources for developers including news, guides and useful tutorial videos. Basic knowledge of coding and app development is a must for anybody looking to make full use of this useful directory of information.

Entitled ‘build anything with Google’, this developers’ section from Google includes a wealth of information for those interested in created apps and programs; their blog and video blog tutorials are particularly useful.

W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) is a global community working together to develop and improve web standards. This page of their site provides subsections detailing everything you need to know about the W3C community, including their mission, facts, jobs and information about how you can get involved yourself.

This page of ‘What’s a G’ looks at 4G technology standards, with detailed information about network speeds, methods of connection and the differences between other ‘Gs’, such as 3G and future 5G technology.