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Welcome to Mobile.cc.ch. This site takes a look at the latest handy casino games, or for our German visitors, and apps available across all major mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and more. Available to download via Google Play or Apple’s ‘App Store’, Mobile.cc.ch explores the growth of this sector while also providing some useful information about Google’s and Apple’s latest policies towards gambling apps.

Technology is increasing at a dramatic pace. In fact, history may well look back on this period and classify it as some form of technical revolution. Certainly, the dramatic improvements in mobile technology, and by mobile technology we include both mobile phones as well as tablet devices, have been incredible.
At the heart of this progress has been innovation. In developing the iPhone, Apple has gone a long way in creating a new technological platform that today, many millennials simply take for granted. Google have been keen to attempt to keep pace with technological progress in the mobile arena, and their Android operating system how offers a real alternative to Apple products. At varies stages in the last decade other mobile manufacturers have produced innovative products that have truly captured the market’s attention, if in some cases for a short period of time.

We hope to cover a broad section of important issues effecting the mobile industry here at mobile-cc.ch. One of our first articles will look at the growth in casino and gambling apps, a sector that has seen considerable growth in recent times.

Growth in mobile gambling market

With the opening up of the mobile gambling market, there are now more ways to gamble – and things to bet on – than ever before. Apps and mobile-optimized sites offer players the chance to bet on a huge number of casino games like roulette, blackjack and poker, while new bingo, lottery, sports betting and arcade slots games are constantly being developed.

As of 2016, over half of the total revenue accumulated by the global mobile gaming market came from people placing bets. Other sources of income for the market include paid-for apps, in-app purchases (for example, buying new cars or additional points within app games) as well as revenue from advertising.

It’s also worth noting that the mobile gambling market is dominated by only a handful of companies – despite there being so many different sites and apps available. This is partly due to the fact that well-established online gambling companies often put out a variety of differently branded casinos and games – just as in the same way Priceline Group sell hotel room nights through Agoda, Booking.com, Kayak and more. However, as competition increases, some smaller, independent names are starting to break through, especially when it comes to niche gambling areas.

Google’s policy towards gambling apps

Up until now, Google has made it difficult for its Android device users to use casino and betting applications for real money. This stance was best demonstrated by the fact that most mobile gambling apps could not be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store (until recently). This is in stark contrast to Apple, who let their iPhone and iPad users download hundreds of real money casino and sports betting apps via their ‘App Store’. Instead, Android users have had to download apps from websites, which prevented app developers from reaching the masses, as well as making it difficult for users to update their apps.

That is, up until now.

Reports from the UK now suggest that Google is preparing to let registered, licensed companies to host their betting apps in the Play Store. Google’s gambling app prohibition still stands in place, but things could be about to change very soon – especially in the UK and other European countries where mobile gambling is well-regulated.  An excellent list of up to date mobile casino sites that are available in the various jurisdictions is available at Casinoklub.org.

Google and Gambling Apps

As per Google’s current guidelines, online gambling is allowed as long as it follows a few rules. For example, online gambling is only allowing in the UK, Ireland and France and all developers must complete an online application process for their app to be considered for the Play Store. Developers also must have valid gambling licenses for each jurisdiction they operate in and the apps must not be made available in any other countries other than those specified above.

Apple and Gambling Apps

Apple is known to be a lot less strict when it comes to mobile gaming and gambling apps. For years, iPhone and iPad users have been able to download casino apps, video slots games, sports betting apps and other games specializing in just one or two games where real money is involved.

However, Apple users wanting to play for real money must make all deposits and withdrawals via the developer’s main website, with in-app purchases unavailable. Also, unlike Google, these gambling apps can be downloaded in a vast range of countries around the world – just as long as the company that has developed the app has obtained the relevant gambling license for each country.